Our Complicity in the Leaky Pipeline

The Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion present Nicole Cabrera Salazar, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Movement Consulting.

In the past, we have tried to remedy the “lack of women and minorities” in our field by encouraging children from marginalized groups to pursue a science career. Yet, little attention is paid to what happens once they arrive in our departments for scientific training. While many of us now recognize the systemic bias toward marginalized groups -- and perhaps even our own implicit bias -- the challenge lies in what to do about it. Over 40 years of “diversity” initiatives have largely benefited white women, while the numbers of black, brown, and indigenous astronomers remain dismally low (<1%). In this talk, I will highlight often overlooked factors that contribute to the overrepresentation of “majority groups” in STEM/Astronomy, as well as concrete actions to level the playing field.

Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar is a Latina astronomer who is passionate about social justice in science and technology. After creating multiple initiatives in graduate school for marginalized students, she decided to shift her career away from research to focus on integrating the STEM community through her company Movement Consulting. Nicole is also a dedicated mentor, helping Black and Brown scientists uncover their full potential.

Movement Consulting is a social innovation company disrupting science and technology by empowering marginalized people to be their whole authentic selves. We partner with universities, research institutions, and tech companies who are committed to supporting marginalized scientists but may not know where to start. Rather than focus on diversity and inclusion in STEM, we believe that we have a responsibility to integrate marginalized people, their traditional knowledge and values, and their ways of being and doing science.



Friday, October 18, 2019 at 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Ho Science Center, 101
1819 Oak Dr, Hamilton, NY 13346, USA