Hamilton Area Anti-Racism Coalition: Talking about Whiteness in Hamilton

The Hamilton Area Anti-Racism Coalition (HAARC) formed in Spring 2018 after a Community Intergroup Dialogue on Whiteness. The initial dialogue and subsequent coalition have taken form in response to the call from communities of color for white people to do anti-racism work with white people. Such calls are hundreds of years old, yet they point, in MLK's words, to the difficult work still ahead: "The white liberal must rid himself of the notion that there can be a tensionless transition from the old order of injustice to the new order of justice...The white liberal must escalate his support for racial justice rather than de-escalate it…. The need for commitment is greater today than ever." Indeed, HAARC's aim is to disrupt white supremacy and build an equitable and just community through dialogue, action, and education. This workshop will offer some background on HAARC and its experiences doing anti-racism work in the area. It will invite workshop participants' perspective on navigating race in Hamilton and will action-plan the on-going need for intersectional anti-racism work in the community.

Friday, February 1 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

ALANA Cultural Center, Multipurpose Room
ALANA Cultural Center, 13 Oak Dr, Hamilton, NY 13346, USA


Culture, Politics

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MLK Week 2019

ALANA Cultural Center
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