Going Along with Trans, Non-Binary, and Queer Youth

The Division of Social Sciences Presents this semester’s Luncheon Seminar Series.

This Brown Bag lunch features:

Professor Sam Stiegler from the Department of Educational Studies

Title: Going Along with Trans, Non-binary, and Queer Youth: On Animating Everyday Movements and Knowledges

Brief Description: This talk offers an innovative form for presenting qualitative educational research about lives and experiences of trans, queer, and non-binary youth (TQNB). Specifically, it focuses on 11 TQNB youth who took part in a study which used mobile, place-based interview method—called “go-alongs” to examine young people's everyday movements through New York City. Through rich narrative writing attendees will be invited to learn about young people—and the knowledge they create through their movements through time and space—within the contexts of their everyday lives and surroundings. Concurrently, I invite attendees to examine their own reading practices, both of the written word and of young people described in this talk. Rather than laying information out in the traditionally introductory ways that one expects to read academic presentations, the identities and experiences of the youth, the contexts of the places where they make their lives, and the contours of the research study they took part in are all presented in a manner that invites the reader to see the young people as the researcher came upon them in the study. This is done to mimic the ways in which, as social subjects and actors, we come upon the people with whom we meet and interact in our everyday lives. Attendees will be invited to go along with this talk in order to account for how the young people in the study (and the worlds within which they are enmeshed) come to be “seen” through the talk while acknowledging that the talk itself is the result of the researcher’s reading of the youth and their experiences. 

Next Lunch will be on Mar 5th with Professor Ballve!

Thursday, February 20 at 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Persson Hall, 27 Auditorium


Gender and sexuality, Academics, Social Sciences

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Educational Studies Department
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