“Trouble in Paradise”: The historical roots of the public parks crisis, 1750-2020

Douglas K. Reading Lecture:

Dr. Katy Layton-Jones,Trouble in Paradise: The historical roots of the public parks crisis, 1750-2020

Public parks occupy a unique and central position in the civic contract. As the global population and urban density are projected to rise rapidly over the next two decades, reliance on public urban green space will intensify, placing additional pressure on an already overstretched resource. COVID19 has provided an unanticipated insight into the ramifications of such rising dependency. The pandemic has thrown into sharp relief the necessity of public parks for maintaining physical and mental health, good community relations, and public order. However, it has also highlighted deep-rooted historical inequalities in their accessibility, distribution, quality, and inclusivity. These inequalities will not diminish in a post-pandemic world. We are a critical point in shaping our civic and environmental future, a future in which public parks will face challenges from development, intensified use, and diversified function. Reaching back into the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, this lecture will explore the historical causes of the current crisis in public green space provision and the significant challenges facing those who seek to secure accessible green spaces for future generations.

Dr. Katy Layton-Jones is a Cultural historian and historical consultant in the U.K. Katy is an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. More about her background and work can be found on her website:https://www.katylaytonjones.com/

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Wednesday, March 17 at 4:30pm to 6:00pm

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