CLSI Leadership Workshop: "Emotional Intelligence"

This spring, we will be climbing to new heights at the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement. Our leadership workshop series will focus on exploring the philosophical aspects of leadership allowing for personal introspection, group growth, and social change.

This week, our focus is on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Through activities, group dialog, and reflection, we will detail ways leaders can be more aware of their own emotional state and strategies for mindfulness on how to interact with others. 

Catering by Curtain Call.

All are welcome to attened. For CLSI recognized tier 2 and 3 organizations, this session counts as one leadership credit. 

Join us for all of our sessions this semester: 

Wednesday, January 22– 12:15pm “Emotional Intelligence”

Tuesday, February 4 – 5pm  “Keeping Accountability” 

Friday, February 21 – 12:15pm “Creating Dream-Team Leadership” with special guest Maria Nemeth 

Tuesday, March 10 – 5pm “Mentorship as Empowerment” 

Thursday,  March 26 – 12:15pm “Leadership in a Digital Age”

Tuesday, April 7 – 5pm “Imposter Syndrome”

If you have further questions, please consult your advisor.

Wednesday, January 22 at 12:15pm to 1:15pm

O'Connor Campus Center , Coop Conference Room

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