Alternative Cinema: Dean Fleischer-Camp's Fraud

(2016), "A family’s home movies document a desperate crime, and the subsequent bid to escape the consequences in this impressionistic meta-fiction born from the manipulation of hundreds of hours of innocuous uploads to YouTube. An extraordinary feat of editing, a provocative parable of the pursuit of happiness and a disturbing demonstration of the mutability of the stories we share in the Internet age." -Peter Kuplowsky, Fantastic Fest

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Little Hall, 105 Golden Auditorium


Arts and Humanities, Academics, Arts

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Film screenings


Alternative Cinema

Film and Media Studies Program
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Stan Pellar

Stan Pellar March 9, 2017

Dean Fleischer-Camp's FRAUD is undeniably a masterpiece of
manipulation that is both timely and relevant considering President
Trump's accusations of 'fake news" and the seeming plasticity of "facts"
across a broad spectrum of social media.

FRAUD highlights the
inherent pitfalls of sharing in the internet age. Antiquated ideas of
privacy become passe' as now ANY public photo or shared video can be
re-purposed to serve an alternate agenda. We are all voyeurs these days!!!!!

To further contrast what is Genuine vs what is Fiction -

I researched and discovered the REAL family's YouTube home movie
channel to see exactly what inspired Dean Fleischer-Camp's film.

experience is quite remarkable. These people are an average,
white bread, middle-class American family living their lives and having some fun
along the way while sharing their daily routines and weekend
adventures on YouTube.

The exceptional quality that actually
distinguishes them from tens of millions of other families using social
media is how they also appear to have videotaped the minutiae of each
moment... every tiny detail of their lives.

Amazingly - it is
this fact of not self-editing or filtering their incredible trove of
home videos that best creates an authentic feel compared to other
YouTube channels.

So - HERE THEY ARE in all their banality and all their unexpurgated uniqueness in the digital age: