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Carlene Mahanna

Carlene Mahanna left a positive review February 10, 2020

I really enjoyed this class and will be taking more advanced ones in the future!

Robin Bridson

Robin Bridson left a positive review November 7, 2019

It was great hearing from students how on they stay "connected" with the digital tools available to them.

Robin Bridson

Robin Bridson left a positive review October 22, 2019

I thought it was very interesting and opened my eyes to different ways of thinking about museum spaced and engaging your audience.

Leialoha (Lei) Mara

Leialoha (Lei) Mara left a positive review June 18, 2019

Sarah did a great job showing us how to make a basic poster using Adobe Photoshop. She demonstrated the use of multiple tools within the software. The tools were basic but had a significant impact on the design of the poster. I hope to use what she taught us in the next poster.

Case-Geyer Library

Case-Geyer Library posted a photo June 27, 2016