January 19, 2022

Jan 18 Jan 20

The Petrified Woods - An Outdoor Exhibition - The Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum

Wed, Jan 19, 2022

Take a stroll back through time along the edge of The Petrified Woods, an outdoor exhibition of beautifully preserved fossilized wood from trees that grew in the ancient forests of Madagascar,...

Robert M. Linsley Geology Museum

Exploring Zoom for Teaching

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 1pm to 2pm

Do you have questions about how to use Zoom to support teaching at the beginning of the semester? Do you forget how to set up specific Zoom settings? Would you like to practice doing something in...

Virtual Event

"Feats and Fears: Command of a Nuclear Submarine in the Cold War" LLP

Wed, Jan 19, 2022 3pm to 4pm

This seminar provides the public a unique view from around the world at undisclosed depths during some of the tensest times of the Cold War. How ordinary men and women rocked the Soviet Union back...

Virtual Event

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