Thursday, March 14

Ian Flowers takes a breath during a race

Colgate University Men's Swimming & Diving vs National Invitational Championship

Colgate swimmer doing the backstroke

Colgate University Women's Swimming & Diving vs National Invitational Championship

Historical Photo Exhibit: Glass, Silver, and Memory

Glass, Silver, and Memory: Images of community by Edward H. Stone is a Colgate Special Collections & University Archives exhibit which features images of...

Mid-Term Recess

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The Beauty of Sculpted Minerals

Beautiful mineral sculptures carved from jade, carnelian, malachite, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, and rock crystal are on loan from the Halls of Gems and...

Fashioning Africa: Impact, Influence, and Inspiration of African Crafting Traditions

Fashioning Africa is a journey into the myriad traditional artisanal techniques found across the continent. There are six textiles and accessories from the...

Clifford Galley exhibition: Ken Landauer '87; Functure

Functure: functional sculpture constructed to puncture and suture the junctures of furniture and architecture. Inspired by the Occupy Movement in 2011, Ken...

Formulas and Functions that Cut Work Down to Size (Excel and Google Sheets)

Excel Formulas and Functions* can greatly enhance your ability to perform tasks in day to day spreadsheet activities. Don’t waste any more hours in Microsoft...

 Tackling Email Overload with Gmail Time Management and Organizing Techniques

Bottom line … we get a ton of email every day. How we choose to deal with that email determines if we will be overloaded and overwhelmed or productive and...

Colgate University Men's Tennis at Barry

Colgate University Men's Tennis at Barry

Colgate University Women's Tennis at Barry

Colgate University Women's Tennis at Barry

Life Long Learning Program-International Aspects of U.S. Immigration and Refugee Policy

This course will address current trends and debates in immigration and refugee migration in the United States. We will consider the current strains and...

Thursday, March 14