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Friday Night Film Series: Lights, Camera, Colgate!

Colgate, like many colleges and universities, has used film to show off the campus and shape public narratives of the institution. This program of Colgate...

September 28, 2018 5pm
Friday Night Film Series: BUSH MAMA

(dir. Haile Gerima, 1975, 97 min) Featuring the magnetic Barbara O. Jones as Dorothy, a pregnant welfare recipient in Watts, Bush Mama blends narrative...

October 12, 2018 5pm
Colgate/Flaherty Global Filmmaker-in-Residence

Tan Pin Pin (Singapore)

October 16, 2018 7pm
Colgate/Flaherty Global Filmmaker-in-Residence

To Singapore with Love (dir. Tan Pin Pin, 2013, 70 min) and Moving House (dir. Tan Pin Pin, 2001, 22 min) Filmmaker Tan Pin Pin in Person! Banned in...

October 19, 2018 5pm
Friday Night Film Series: Flaherty Global Filmmaker, Tan Pin Pin

Tan Pin Pin in person! Tan Pin Pin is a founding member of filmcommunitysg, a collective of independent filmmakers in Singapore. She was on the team in 2011...

October 19, 2018 5pm

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