Socratic Summer Academy

Open to boys and girls entering grades 9–12.

The Socratic Summer Academy was founded in 2010. It's a three-week sleepaway summer camp aimed at improvement on the SATs. Every year, using our carefully tailored curriculum and in-house textbook, in conjunction with College Board prep materials, we get higher and higher score improvements:

  • We've established a track record of 400 point score improvements (over a 3-week period!) for students who had never studied the SAT
  • We had 208 point score improvements for students who had studied the SAT somewhere else for 4+ months
  • With the redesigned SAT (which came out in March 2016), we are finding that our students fall into two groups - either those who have never done any test prep or those who have test prepped protractedly and come to us for a last little boost - that improvement they can't get anywhere else, but that pushes them over the edge to the college that they want:
    • 200 points for students who had never studied the SAT
    • 60 points for students who came to us for that last little boost they couldn't get anywhere else to get into the college of their choice (who had been studying the SATs for a protracted period of time)

As most parents know, the SAT changed in March 2016. College Board switched to the infamous new SAT, which has been touted as less "gameable" and "harder" and "more critical-thinking focused". After two years of teaching this test, we believe our methods, strategies, and curricula have continued to be helpful.

We focus on a Socratic approach to teaching, where information is more derived and less lectured. We believe in small-group instruction and most of the instruction happens in groups of 3 to 4 students with one teacher, or in team-taught setting in the classroom. We play games both inside the classroom and after meals to help reinforce our strategies or drill vocabulary, as well as putting the students on coaching teams to work towards goals which are sometimes SAT-related, and sometimes just fun. Weekly practice tests and specific goal-setting strategies built around each student's specific progress urges our students forward, and our instructors are people who love being around kids both as teachers and as people - they are just as likely to pose a philosophical conundrum as to tell a silly story that solidifies subject-verb agreement forever in a student's head.

In their free time, our students select elective courses like creative writing and environmental science, courses that expose them to diverse topics they rarely find at their high schools. During their free time, students hike Colgate's hills and mountains, swim in the pool, work out in the fitness center, play basketball, tennis, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, racquetball, or squash. Our teachers--role models who themselves attend or attended some of the best schools in the United States--serve as friends and mentors, guides through difficult decisions, chaperones on trips to the ice cream parlor, leaders of activities like quiz bowl or a cappella. And every week ends with a campfire on Saturday night as students roast S'mores and celebrate their togetherness at a campfire under the stars.

Friday, June 29

More dates through July 29, 2018




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